Are there many errors in Indiana assessments?

About 95% of the properties we have looked at were assessed inaccurately. This happens for a variety of reasons, such as changes that have been made to the property that the Assessor is unaware of, changes in occupancy and usage of commercial properties, computer data entries and so forth. Most Assessors make every effort to ensure accuracy, yet at the same time their offices are usually understaffed and overwhelmed with their workload, which will lead to errors being made inadvertantly.

Can I get my tax overpayments refunded to me?

In some situations where objective errors have been made resulting in such things as inaccurate square footage, incorrect number of plumbing fixtures, improvements that have been removed, etc., a refund can be obtained. The law states that taxpayers can go back six tax payments in order to obtain a refund of their overpayment.

How does your review process work?

We start by obtaining information from the appropriate Assessor’s office that shows exactly how your property was assessed. Next, we tour your property and reassess it. Then we compare the two assessments, determine what the differences are, and, if your are overpaying your property tax, we’ll start the process to get your taxes reduced.

What information do I need to facilitate a property tax review?

Typically all you need to do is provide us with the address of the property, and work with us to arrange a tour of the property. We take care of the rest.

How does the process work?

After we have uncovered any errors in your assessment, we will then file the appropriate appeals with the Assessor’s offices. The Assessor will then contact us and we will begin communicating our information to them in detail. On certain types of appeals we can have a settlement with only a couple of phone calls. On other appeals, formal and/or informal hearings are scheduled. We then present our information to one or more individuals associated with the Assessor’s office and they render a decision.

How long will it take until my taxes are reduced?

It varies. Generally the whole process lasts six months or less. In rare instances the appeals can drag out longer. Recent legislation does mandate certain time frames in which the Assessor must complete their part of the appeal process.

What if the Assessor wants to come to my property and look at it again?

Usually the Assessor will call out office and we’ll tour your property with them. Occasionally an Assessor will go to the property on their own. Either way, there’s no reason not to let the Assessor look at your property again. Our review and feedback will ensure that there will be no surprises to you.

What if my property is underassessed?

If you’re underassessed, Accurate Tax Management is under no obligation to share that information with the Assessor. It’s up to the individual taxpayer to determine whether they want to present that information to the Assessor or not.

How much does your service cost?

Our fee is contingency-based. We review your assessment at no cost to you. If we can save you money, we split one year of savings with you. All future savings are yours to keep. If we are able to obtain a refund or credit for you, we split that with you as well. There’s never any fee until you receive notification from the Assessor that your assessment has been reduced and/or a refund check or credit has been recieved. If, after receiving your assessment, no savings can be achieved, there is no charge to your for the review.

How much experience does Accurate Tax Management have in reviewing assessments?

Accurate Tax Management has been in business nine years. Our staff has a combination of 25 years of experience in the assessing field. We are a small company that believes in providing our clients with exceptional customer service while reducing their tax bills and obtaining refunds of overpayments whenever possible.