Super Bowl Opportunities for Commercial Real Estate

Last month I attended the quarterly luncheon for IndyCREW.  The speaker was Allison Melangton, the President and CEO of the Indianapolis Super Bowl Host Committee.

While her updates on what is, and what will be happening around Indianapolis over the next couple of years were interesting, one thing that she mentioned really caught my attention.

The Super Bowl is not just a one day event.  The events and parties will run about 10 days.  Think about the possibilities of having thousands of people in our city for that length of time.

How does that relate to Commercial Real Estate?  They have to have space for all of those events and parties.  The current event space available isn’t even close to enough space to handle the number of events that will be taking place.

Allison said as the event gets closer they will be looking at ALL available vacant space around the city so they connect the event planners to them. Here is the link to the 2012 Super Bowl site

It may not be a long term lease, but who knows.  Your space or your client’s space may be chosen for the 2012 Nike or Victoria Secret party.  Not a bad claim to fame as you continue to market the property.

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  1. Terri says:

    Hey Denise. Let me know if you score any tickets for the Victoria Secret party. I know of a couple of guys that would LOVE to have those invites!


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