The Pink Paper!

There seems to be a lot of confusion about the mysterious “pink paper” that was included in the tax bills recently mailed to taxpayers. To complicate it even further there also seems to be a rumor circulating that the forms needed to be filed by April 30th of this year, or homeowners would lose their Homestead Deduction.

Here are the facts around the “pink paper.”

1. The form has a name. It’s the Homestead Verification Form.

2. Home owners have until January 1, 2013 to file the form. If the form is not filed by then they will lose the deduction.

3. It is necessary to re-file for the deduction because there is a statewide database being created to help prevent fraud.

4. You can file the form at any time. If you did not get the form click on this link to find it.

5. If you do not have the Homestead Deduction right now – DO NOT WAIT. If you file the form by the end of the year it will affect your 2010 pay 2011 tax bill in a positive way.

Still have questions? Contact us and we’ll try to answer them for you.

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